Braun 9370cc Electric Shaver Review – Formerly Braun 9290cc

Braun Series 9 9290cc

Our Verdict

Braun Series 9 is always best for sensitive skin and irritation-free shaving. The Braun 9370cc is a new generation Series 9 shaver that comes with more tweaks and upgrades that are really appreciable. This advanced electric shaver is not reasonable for the men who have a short budget since it’s one of the most expensive shavers.


  • Waterproof device.
  • Automatic cleaning station
  • Automatically adjust the power with your beard.
  • 1 skin guard with 4 separate cutting elements.
  • Its battery life is long.
  • Smart LED display
  • Very flexible shaving head
  • Useful travel lock
  • Very powerful processor
  • Wet/dry shaver


  • Very Expensive

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Braun Series 9 is a successful high-end electric shaver series by the German brand Braun, owned by the powerhouse Proctor & Gamble. After the first release of first-generation and second-generation Series 9 shavers, the Series 9 team started hard work over the Series to bring more upgraded product and released the 3rd generation (Braun 9370cc) after 4 years.

After the first release, it has become a very popular model on the market and now doing its exclusive business. But it has some negative feedbacks too especially for its high price range. Braun used some extraordinary features and special technology on the shaver that costs much and that is why Braun had to keep the price higher than the affordable level.

Braun claims, the Series 9 is the world’s most advanced electric shaver series till now. Let’s experience the flagship model of the Braun Series 9.

How is the Braun 9370cc Electric Shaver?

TITANIUM COATED BLADES: Braun used their toughest stainless steel blades on their series 9 with German technology that are super sharp to shave off any kind of beard. Do you have any idea about titanium-coated technology? Braun used the titanium-coated blades to keep them stable and super hard for maximum efficiency of cutting. The thin coated steel blades minimize the friction to the lowest level and ensure faster and sharper cuts without any compromise.


5 shaving elements of Braun series 9

The shaver Braun 9370cc comes with 5 synchronized shaving elements that work together to capture more hairs and cut in single stroke for ultimate flawless shaves. Although 5, everyone has a different and independent task to do at the operation and make the shaving process smooth and close. Even, the elements are different from each other that are called in different names.

OptiFoils: The 2 main cutting elements at the edge of the front and back are called OptiFoils. OptiFoils look like the regular foil cutting elements that cut all kinds of hairs during the pass. The OptiFoils are cover with regular foil caps that have been designed with hexagonal-shaped holes to catch hairs efficiently for the maximum smooth and clean shave.

Direct and Cut trimmer: The direct and cut trimmer easily align and cuts the hairs that grow messily in different directions. It pretty difficult for regular foils to capture the messy hairs that are grown at different angles. Braun used the intelligent Direct and Cut trimmer to capture and cut them easily even if longer hairs.

HyperLift and Cut trimmer: This is Braun’s exclusive shaving element only used in the Series 9 shavers. You can easily identify the Hyperlift and Cut trimmer by its golden colored look that is a different technology in the industry. The main task of the special element is to capture the flat-laying hairs and cut them into stubble. This trimmer ensures no spare of any hair from the cutting elements. This is to clarify that, the Direct and cut trimmer & the HyperLift and cut trimmer work for no spare of stubborn hairs and direct them to the OptiFoils to ensure the close and smooth result.

The innovative Skin-guard: The Braun 9370cc and all the series 9 shavers feature the special skin-guard shaving element on the head. This is not a cutting element and the main purpose of the element is to minimize the pressure of the cutting elements and protect the skin from the harshness of the blades. The skin guard ensures skin comfort minimizing the irritations to zero level.

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WET AND DRY SHAVER: High-quality electric shavers offer the option to use dry or wet. The Braun Series 9 is undoubtedly the top-level electric shaver series on the market that owns the 9370cc. You will find lots of wet/dry electric shavers on the market but only some are really good at the result. Because the shaver has to be powerful enough along with the wet shaving feature to ensure efficient wet shaving. Most importantly, the new generation Braun series 9 shaver Braun 9370cc comes with a 32bit processor that is the world’s most powerful chit to perform in a wet atmosphere. So, the wet shaving result of the Braun 9370cc must be a great example.

WATERPROOF DEVICE: The Braun Series 9 9370cc is 100% waterproof. Therefore you can immerse the device up to 5 meters and it will not face any water causing damage. So, the cleaning process becomes too easier without any hassle. On the other hand, you can use the shaver under the shower for comfortable shower shaves.

20% BIGGER BATTERY: In the new upgrade, Baun used a 20% extra powerful battery on their new generation series 9 shavers. The Braun 9370cc electric razor features a powerful Lithium-ion rechargeable battery that takes only 1 hour for a full charge. With a full charge, the battery offers 60 minutes of continuous cordless shaving. If you have experienced the Braun 9290cc or other older series 9 shavers, you may notice that those shavers provide 50 minutes of shaving power. In this fact, the new Braun 9370cc is really adorable for cordless power.


Improved led display of 9370cc

We found so many shavers where there is no display to see the remaining charge of the shaver. But this amazing shaver comes with a LED display to show us the charging progress, remaining power, charging alert, cleaning alert, travel lock indication, and more.

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Braun Series 9 Cleaning & charging dock

Since a CC (cleaning and charging) model, it comes with an upgraded Braun’s 5 action alcohol-based cleaning and charging dock. So, you do not need to worry about cleaning the device after every shave. Just put the shaver into the dock and it will automatically clean, dry, lubricate the shaver automatically. And moreover, the dock will also charge the device while cleaning.

SONIC VIBRATIONS: The Braun Series 9 has an advanced sonic vibration technology that creates 10,000 micro-vibrations while operating. The sonic vibration makes the shaving process super comfortable and enjoyable. The adorable sonic vibration system makes the shaver perfectly suitable for sensitive skin. And most of the skin health specialists suggest the Braun Series 9 for skin-friendly shavings.

AUTOSENSE TECHNOLOGY: Braun used a powerful auto sensing technology on the Series 9 shavers. As a result, the Braun 9370cc can read and sense your beard density and implement the adjustive power to cut the hair. So, you do not need to choose your shaving power like Series 7 and the device will automatically select your desired power.


Like other Braun Series 9 shavers, the Braun 9370cc also comes with a built-in slide-up trimmer. The trimmer is very useful for detailing, shaping, and edging. So, it’s a handy attachment for your precision trimming along with close shaving.


Braun offers 2 years of limited warranty for their new generation Series 9 shaver Braun 9370cc (formerly Braun Series 9 9290cc).

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