Braun Series 7 790cc Electric Shaver Review

braun series 7 790cc

Our Verdict

Although some limitations, Braun Series 7 790cc is a premium-grade shaver with robust built quality. This older generation Series 7 shaver is still too popular on the market for its efficient performance and we also found it pretty good for its duty.


  • Close shave
  • Comfortable operation
  • Flexible shaving head
  • Good battery
  • Washable
  • Corded + cordless
  • Great built quality
  • Automatic cleaning and charging station
  • 5 personalization modes


  • Old fashioned display
  • Not wet/dry shaver
  • Bulky device

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Braun the German giant has lots of electric shavers on the market and that is to say that they are dominating the foil shaver market. The Braun Series 7 790cc is the most waved and still one of the most popular electric shavers on the market. This shaver is thought to be the flagship model of the Series 7 where the team still working on the product for a better experience. This is the first shaver where Braun confidently declared for 7 years of durability. Braun claimed this versatile shaving device is their smartest product of all time. After the first release of the device, it has become a buzz to the grooming experts and regular users. Why it’s too popular although it’s a first-generation Series 7 shaver? Well, you should go through the whole story to find the accurate answer.

How is the Braun Series 7 790cc Shaver?

SYNCROSONIC TECHNOLOGY: Braun implemented the innovative SyncroSonic technology firstly on the Braun 790cc electric shaver. With this technology, the device creates 10,000 micro-vibrations to capture more hairs over the strokes for smooth and efficient shaves. The technology makes the device friendly for sensitive skin. The Braun Series 7 790cc is well known as Pulsonic shaver where the SyncroSonic technology is one of the main reasons to call with this special name. For this powerful tech motor, the shaver can handle the roughest and toughest beards easily in every pass. It creates 30,000 cross cutting actions per minute. Therefore, the shaving process becomes faster and maximum efficient.


Braun 790cc 5 shaving modes

Braun used 5 shaving modes for the user flexibility to choose the shaving power by touches of the (+) and (-) buttons.

You will find 2 power personalization buttons below the power button with (+) and (-) indications.

You are allowed to minimize the shaving power while shaving sensitive and thin hairs and increase the power to the maximum to cut the thickest beards.

Interestingly you can see the mode that you selected by 5 LED segments above the power button.

So, you do not need to worry about forgetting the mode that perfectly suites your beard.


Braun 4 shaving elements

The German manufacturer used 4 special shaving elements on the shaver head. All the heads work together to capture and cut to efficiently accomplish the shaving process. Braun used 3 different technologies for the shaving elements to make them especially.

2x OptiFoil: There are 2 OptiFoil cutting elements on the shaver head. These are the actual foil shaver blocks to cut and shave off the beards from very close. Although foil shaving elements, these are specially designed with hexagonal shaped holes that are more efficient to feed the hairs into the cutting blades. So, the Optifoils are different from the regular foil blocks.

ActivLift trimmer: Another important and special shaving element is called activlift trimmer. The main work of the trimmer is to capture the flat laying hairs and cut them to ensure no spare of a single hair. To clarify, the regular foil even the optifoils are unable to capture some flat-laying hairs. For that, Braun used the ActivLift shaving element to efficiently capture the stubborn flat-laying hairs. Thus the shaving process becomes flawless in the effective action of OptiFoils and Activlift trimmer.

SkinGuard: A shaving element but not cutting element has been added on the head of the Braun 790cc shaver. The main responsibility of the Skingouard is to protect the skin from the cutting elements by minimizing the cutting pressure. The SkinGuard ensures the sensitive skin compatibility of the shaver.

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Braun 790cc flexible head

The Braun Series 7 790cc comes with an 8 direction pivoting head that is very flexible to move. In other words, the Braun 790cc shaver head can move in 8 directions to adapt to the facial curves. Thus the shaver head can reach any angle and problem areas to cut hair easily. It’s very important to check the shaving head flexibility while choosing a shaver for a comfortable and efficient shave. I found the Braun 790cc is pretty advanced in this field.

IS BRAUN SERIES 7 790CC WET/DRY SHAVER? : No, the Braun 790cc is not a wet/dry shaver. Although the manufacturer recently claiming on their marketing fields that the 790cc is wet, this claiming is not actually right. I tried the shaver on wet beard after their acclamation. But the result was not good. So, I do not think this is a real wet supported shaver.


washable braun shaver

The shaver is 100% washable. So you can easily rinse it with direct running water for thorough cleaning free of cost.

OWER SOURCE: The Braun 790cc shaver comes with a Lithium-ion rechargeable battery. The battery provides 50 minutes of continuous cordless shaving power with a full charge. It takes 1 hour for a full charge.

Quick charge: When you are on the go but your shaver is empty of power, you can have an urgent shave with a 5 minute quick charge. So, you do not need to worry about using the device while it drained the full charge.

Cordless + corded: Most importantly, you can use the shaver while charging. Yes, you do not need to wait for the full charge even for the quick charge while the shaver offering you a corded charging facility. I think this is another reason to make the shaver too popular to the consumers.

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MACRO-MOTION: Here has a 40° pivoting shaver head that navigates larger contours without any effort. This is really effective.

MICROMOTION: The smallest contours are possible with this individual suspension of all cutting elements.


Braun Series 7 790cc Cleaning dock

The shaver comes with an automatic cleaning and charging station. The station automatically cleans, charges, dries, and lubricates the shaver together with a single touch of a button.

RECISION TRIMMER: There is a built-in precision popup trimmer in the Braun Series 7 790cc electric shaver. The trimmer is perfect for precision trimming, edging and detailing.

PRECISION HEAD-LOCK: Braun use here a Precision HeadLock which helps you to lock the shaver head. You can control in difficult areas maximum time even under your nose or chin.

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Build Quality

Braun firstly deployed the metal finishing of an electric shaver and that is with the Braun 790.

You will find the most advanced Series 9 shavers are not made with metal polish.

That is why Braun is very confident with the Series 7.

I think this is another main reason that made the 790cc more popular than the series 9 shavers.

Again, Braun declared the shaver has been designed for at least 7 years of durability.

I think you can guess the confidence level and the built quality of the shaver by this word.

The combination of plastic and metal makes the device harder and reliable.

On the other hand, the shaver looks sleek for the silver color finishing of the stainless metal.

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Shaving Performance

The shaver is especially great with regards to comfort, however the closeness is more than sufficient for an electric shaver too.

The 790cc is additionally very acceptable at trimming hairs that lie level on your skin or that fill in various examples, so you can get excellent outcomes even on a few days facial hair growth. Anybody that has some involvement in electric shavers realizes that this is their Achille’s heel.

By utilizing the combo of miniature throbs, that exceptionally planned center trimmer and foil, the 790cc figures out how to perform in a way that is better than most different shavers when shaving a more extended facial hair growth.

No, it’s not exactly as great in such manner as the Series 9 or a serious revolving shaver like the Norelco S9000 Prestige, yet it’s unquestionably one of the better foil shavers when utilized on longer beard growth.

The thin head likewise makes it truly flexible rather than different models that some may locate a tad unconventional because of their sheer size.

I’m discussing shavers like the Panasonic Arc 4, Arc 5 or even Braun’s own personal Series 9.

When shaving with the 790cc it’s significant not to apply an excessive amount of weight, yet let the shaver skim all over. In any case, since the 790 is so delicate and pardoning, you can pull off doing that.

The main territories that may require two or three extra passes are directly beneath the facial structure or the neck particularly if your hair will in general fill in various bearings. It’s by and by a top entertainer with regards to comfort: no pulling or pulling in any event when shaving each a few days.

The long hair trimmer is likewise very useful for light preparing and managing. I don’t discover it as powerful as the ones on Panasonic razors however — it requires more passes to trim the hairs clean. Utilizing the 3 personalization modes didn’t appear to have a critical effect during my tests.

Additionally, the Sensitive settings just caused the shaver to feel moderate, so you should shave with the most powerful setting consistently as the 790cc remaining parts entirely agreeable.

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