Braun Silk Epil 5 Wet and Dry Epilator Review – Braun 5895

Braun Silk Epil 5

Our Verdict

The Braun silk epil 5 is a very strong competitor in the epilator market. It is made by high quality features with high quality technology. There is nothing bad to say about this epilator (Braun silk 5 5895).


  • The smart-senso technology.
  • 100% waterproof.
  • 3 different facial brushes for cheek/chin/upper lips.
  • Salon-smooth output up to 4 weeks.


  • Not for cordless use.
  • It takes few passes to remove the small hair.
  • 4 hours charging time and only 30 minutes running time.

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Like any other appliance, epilators have some bad aspects. One of them is – epilating may seem painful to you because it pulls each hair separately, but for those who wax it does not matter.

The other negative thing is that it’s too expensive. But once purchased, you can use it for a long time. You won’t get this benefit at any shaver.

And this review is about an epilator that came from Braun. It is Braun silk-epil 5. So, let’s start.

How is the Braun Silk-epil 5 Epilator?

5-IN-1: that’s package is for all your grooming needs-trim, epilate, cleanse, shave and exfoliate.

SENSO-SMART TECHNOLOGY: this technology helps for optimal pressure.

SMOOTH SKIN: this appliance is better than wax because it removes 4x shorter hair and provides a smooth skin up to 4 weeks.

HAVER AND TRIMMER ATTACHMENT: these attachments are for sensitive areas like – bikini area, underarms.

3X FACIAL BRUSH: there is a 3x facial brush is for cleaning and exfoliating.

100% WATERPROOF: this device is for wet and dry use.

BATTERY LIFE: This Braun silk-epilator set 5 5895 takes at least 4 hours to be fully charged. And provide 30 minutes of running juice. When you charge the epilator, the green light in the display will fade. After fully charged, the lights up charging indicator light constant. This appliance is only for cordless use.

PIVOTING HEAD: To get a good result you need to angle your epilator at least 80 or 90 degrees to the skin. Since the epilator is designed with pivoting head, you will not have to worry about this.  The head can easily follow every contour of your body. It’s really very helpful.

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Built Quality

This Braun epilator is engineered with 40% wider epilator head and the senso-smart technology. This technology helps for optimal pressure. Braun Company has been renowned in the market for their products for a long time. They make grooming products – beauty care, shaving and trimming products.

Trim and shave: this product is not only an epilator, it allows you to shave and trim. There is a trimmer and shaver attachment with this package for the sensitive areas – bikini area, underarms.

There is also a great feature – the senso-smart technology helps for optimal pressure. The manufacturer claims that it is better than wax. It removes hair from the root.

There are 3 different facial brushes for cleansing and exfoliating.

The Micro-grip tweezers technology easily removes thinner hair and provides a salon smooth result. This appliance is designed to be used both dry and wet. So for a comfortable epilate, you can use it under the shower.

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Cleaning and Maintenance

You can clean this epilator in 2 ways – Automatic cleaning and manual cleaning.

Automatic cleaning: you can clean the epilator automatically with the clean&renew TM. It will take four hours to completely clean.

Manual cleaning: manual cleaning is only recommended when the clean&renew TM is not available. Cleaning after each use, you will get a better shaving performance.

  • First you have to turn the shaver ON. Then hold the shaving head under the running hot water. For the sake of hygienic, you can use liquid soap.
  • Wash all foam well and let the shaver run few more seconds.
  • Then turn the shaver OFF and take off the shaver foil and cutter block. Then allow all the separate parts to dry.
  • You can also use the little cleaning brush the one that came with this model.
  • Remove the shaver foil and cutter block and brush gently well.
  • The manufacturer forbids using brush to clean the shaver foil.

Replacement Parts

There are two replacement parts – foil and cutter blocks, you will need to be replaced to get the best performance possible. And it should be done at least in18 months; moreover, the replacement may depend on your usage.

After 18 months the blades will start to damage, your skin may be irritated when shaved. The replacement light will remind you before 7 shaves at the end.

Pain Level

How much pain there is?

Well, feels a little more uncomfortable on my legs but it is not unbearable levels. I don’t use an epilator in the bikini area and armpits because it is painful enough. Waxing is good for me.  But when you use it again and again, it will be tolerable to you.

This Braun is made in Germany and comes with a lot of attachments. Each attachment gives satisfactory performance, I definitely recommend you for this product.

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Some Related Questions

Can you use shaving cream with it?

No, you can’t

Where is the country of origin?

The Braun Silk-Epil 5 is made in Germany

Does it take a lot of pain to epilate?

Yes, but it is tolerable.

Can you use it for the face?

Yes, it works very well.

Can you use it in the bikini area?

Yes, please read the user manual before using it.

How much voltage is it charged between?

Universal voltage.

Can you use it under the shower or in the bath tab?

Yes, it is 100% waterproof and there is no water-causing problem.

Can you use it corded?

It is only for cordless use.

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